Expert help for crypto/trading, sports betting and gaming addiction

What We Offer

Westside Gambling Treatment offers high-quality, no-cost enhanced outpatient (EOP) group treatment for California residents with problem online gaming, stock/crypto trading, and sports betting behavior. With program options geared for working and non-working adults, a typical weekly schedule comprises eight hours of group programming with a single individual meeting with certified problem gambling specialist. Curriculum is based on state provided treatment manuals and includes the following topic areas:

  • • Financial literacy
  • • Coping with gambling urges and cravings
  • • Healthy relationship with money
  • • Communication skills/Setting boundaries
  • • Rebuilding trust in relationships

No Cost for our Services?

Westside Gambling Treatment provides services with revenue generated from the California gaming industry (casinos, racetracks, card rooms, etc.) and overseen through the Office of Problem Gambling. For California residents who screen positive for gambling disorder, the program is of no-cost whatsoever. There is no need to involve third-party insurance carriers and treatment is completely confidential (except in instances mandated by law).

Is there a waiting list for services?

We schedule the initial meeting within one week of initial client contact. All phone calls and email inquiries are returned within twenty-four hours.

Call or email today for more information and to make an appointment

Dan Field, LCSW, dan@westsidegambling.com, (213) 359-7722

Mission Statement

Westside Gambling Treatment provides timely and cost-effective treatment for California residents whose relationships and finances have been impacted by problem sports betting, crypto/stock trading and online gaming.